Meet Your Digital Class Treasurer

ClassWallet is the first virtual wallet for teachers.

You Deserve Better

Brown envelopes filled with cash, lost checks, and the immense time it takes to handle funds for child learning are a thing of the past.

250,000+ Items

Wow! Our teacher-only marketplace has an incredible amount of helpful items, from tablets to book series.

Is Your School ClassWallet Ready?

Thousands of schools in the US are already integrated with our product, making checkout incredibly simple.

Kaplan TechStars

October 22, 2014, CEO Jamie Rosenberg and team introduced ClassWallet to a New York auditorium overflowing with technology experts.



ClassWallet has partnered with Best Buy, Office Depot, Scholastic, School Specialty, Carson Dellosa, and others to give teachers easy access to any and all supplies they may need.


Founder Jamie Rosenberg — who also created — hopes to streamline the way schools or foundations distribute money to teachers.


…ClassWallet allows administrators to add money to accounts for teachers, but it also lets teachers accept contributions from parents and donors…